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“MVJ Groups of Institutions has been associated with BPS Building Protections Systems Private Limited for more than 13 years.

BPS Building Protection Systems Pvt Ltd. has taken up all the projects initiated by our Group including the MVJ Medical College and Hospital at Hoskote and the flagship MVJ College of Engineering at Whitefield.

The service your company provides is top quality – from the initial request for information and proposal to the execution of the activity and de-brief. You are active listeners understanding our unique requirements, able to improvise when requested.

I am writing to both endorse and recommend you as a provider of solutions to all our requirements in the areas of your specializations including the unique thermal coating on our Hostel block terrace to cut down the heat by 5 degrees at a very economical cost. You have delivered on your promises and delighted us in exceeding our expectations.

Your commitment to customer service and technical support sets you apart from your competitors by working closely with our architects, structural engineers, contractors, and owners to best understand our requirements. Together you have developed a bespoke solution for our construction project, adding value and becoming more than a materials supplier, but a solution provider.

You have developed a substantial reputation for developing innovative products by listening to our needs and introduced products that we require. The other unique product was the stainproof paint on our corridor walls which has a life of 10 years and above.

Another important facet of your professional approach is your continuing service post completion of works at site. The visits by your engineers to verify the quality of your service even though work has reached completion has been more than satisfactory and is commendable.

I wish you and your team the best of luck for introducing a new website. I hope this will help you get more visibility and earn more success for your endeavors.”

Chairman, MVJ Group of Institutions
February 2015



“Silver Crest has had a relationship with BPS since 2011 and BPS has undertaken projects related to reflective coatings, water proofing of tanks and repair of old water tanks. 

At BPS, top management to the worker at the site are all experts in their domain and execute the plan efficiently. They do justice to the premium they demand over the market. Service of BPS during and post completion of works is prompt and efficient.”

Jeet Golchha
Director, Silver Crest Clothing Pvt Ltd
February 2015



“I am happy to write this feedback about Insuladd and white roofs in general. We have used white paint with Insuladd for many building roofs at different locations of Infosys and have found a significant reduction in the surface temperature of the exposed roof. In one case, we had measured almost 20 deg C difference between a white painted roof and a regular finish roof. Though it is difficult to accurately measure the energy savings related, we expect it to be in the range of 5 to 10% of air conditioning energy savings in the top floor.

We appreciate your positive and proactive approach in driving the white roofs concept in India. This will be a significant factor for achieving energy savings with very less impact on cost.”

Guruprakash Sastry
Head - Green Initiatives, Infosys 
July 2012

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