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Repair leaking structures with high end solutions

Water Ingress into a building can have a serious impact on the life of the structure. We have developed various techniques of repair based on decades of experience in building repairs. 



BPS has developed solutions incorporating a mix of fast setting acrylic resin grouts imported from Switzerland as well locally procured PU grouting materials. The setting time of these products can be as low as 60 – 120 seconds and can be used to stop active seepages.


The two component machines that BPS uses are imported from Rascor, Switzerland and deliver the highest quality of results in sealing active seepage points.

The injection range is supplemented by a strong range of structural repair mortars which can be used up to a thickness of 50 MM.


Over the years, BPS has developed an expertise in identifying the underlying issue causing the dampness or seepage and addressing the source of the seepage. Our team of trained professionals is able to do a detailed root cause analysis and determine the cause of seepage and address this with a long-term solution which protects the structure of the building and prevents any future damage.

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