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Quality, durability and hassle-free installation, with our trained experts and professionals.



BPS brings you un-plasticized PolyVinyl Chloride (UPVC) windows, much sought after for their rigid structure and durability. They are unaffected by changes in climate as they are reinforced with galvanized steel; making them a sturdy, all-weather option.


With the widest product portfolio, we offer customized solutions to meet your needs. Fabricated with state-of-the-art German machinery at our vendor manufacturing facility, the combination of the right glass, the best profiles & hardware components make for better uPVC doors & windows. The complete product offering is further complemented by an expert service proposition that works with you to ensure you get the solution that suits you best. From site survey, design consultation and expert installation to post-installation support, our trained experts and professionals are with you every step.


With glass, being the new trend in the aesthetic design market, we have a large array of Glass Doors, Glass Windows as well as French Doors and Windows. We also provide soundproof glass windows that block out the noise and provide you with an increased comfort level. The windows portfolio spans across five different types of window categories. Every solution is crafted with the strategic intent to solve one or many challenges that a home, office or institution owner may face.



We offer you the best innovations in uPVC windows with a variety of options. Their choices include French Windows, Two Sash Windows (Top Hung), Sliding Windows, Single Sash Casement Outward Windows, Single Sash Casement Inward Windows, Double Sash Casement Outward Windows and Double Sash Casement Inward Windows.


French Windows

French windows are windows which feature upright rectangular glasses that cover the length of the entire frame. French windows designed with UPVC frames make them the ideal energy efficient choice for your house.


Two Sash Windows

Also called hung windows, two sash windows feature movable panels which can be opened vertically instead of outwards or inwards. While traditional sash windows are heavy and hard to operate, uPVC technology makes them light and durable so that they can be easily opened without any problem.


Sliding Windows

Sliding windows consist of sashes that open horizontally while providing you with the best cross ventilation option for your house.


Casement Windows

We ensure that you get the perfect casement window option for your house with a range that includes Single Sash Casement Outward Windows, Single Sash Casement Inward Windows, Double Sash Casement Outward Windows and Double Sash Casement Inward Windows. Added to that are the numerous advantages of uPVC frames.



Energy Saving Solutions: Reduce electricity usage. Cut energy costs.

Noise Cancelling Solutions: Cut out the noise from your interiors and keep them tranquil. Soundproofing your room helps in reducing the sound up to 75%.

Safety Solutions: Damage or breakage of glass would not cause harm or injury due to the use of toughened glass.

Security Solutions: The use of toughened glass helps to keep your homes burglar-free.

Pollution Reduction Solutions: Eliminates the presence of any sort of air pollution entering through the airtight windows. Since the uPVC frames are also rust-free and long lasting, your house will be protected from pollution for years without you having to worry about it.


Heat Resistant & Solar Control Glass

The inherent heat insulating properties of uPVC and advanced co-extruded gaskets ensure that your home is truly Energy Efficient'.

The solar control glass energy efficient technology gives you up to 40% protection from outside heat as compared to other window systems leading to very low electricity consumption.

Noise Cancelling Window Solutions

Engineered Using specialized noise-canceling laminated glass, Silent Windows significantly blocks noise from the outside using soundproof glass technologies and helps you stay calm in the inside. Fusion-welded "uPVC" profiles and double-sealed mechanisms reduce sound intrusion by up to 42 decibels provide excellent sound insulation.

Safety Glass Solutions

Engineered using safety glass products like tempered safety glass, PVB laminated glass, and heat-toughened safety glass, you are assured of an injury-free time inside your home. In case of breakage, they shatter into minute carbon granules instead of sharp shards, eliminating the risk of injuries to your family.​


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